Charge via E-bee, wherever you may be!

Your socket anywhere in town. Rent an E-bee powerbank for the price of a soda

E-Bee powerbank Station

Advantages of powebank E-bee

With E-bee charging, you can play, work, travel and use your smartphone whenever and wherever you want.

  • 145g


    Like 2 bars of chocolate

  • 3 cables


    iOS, Type-C, Micro

  • 1%/min


    just as fast as an socket

  • 5000mAh


    That’s 2 full charges

Rent a powerbank while you’re

Don't worry if your battery is running low . Rent a powerbank while you're leveling up in a game, studying notes, attending a business meeting, or traveling - there are hundreds of stations across the country. Adventures shouldn't stop because of a drained device!
  • attending a business meeting
  • leveling up in a game
  • studying notes
  • or
  • traveling

Moreover, with the help of a powerbank, you can charge your watch, tablet, headphones, and even keep children entertained with various gadgets. Stay connected and comfortable in any situation, thanks to the convenient and compact powerbank!

We operate throughout Estonia and soon you will be able to find us in other European countries.

Renting a powerbank E-bee is just simple

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

    Download the app

    Registration requires only an email and a bank card.

  • Find your nearest E-Bee Station.

    Find your spot

    Locate an E-bee powerbank station on the map and scan the QR code.

  • Grab and charge anywhere in the city with our powerbank.

    Grab and charge

    You can use the powerbank at any location across the city.

  • Find a convenient drop-off point on the map to end your lease.

    Easy return

    Find a convenient point to return to on the map and finalize the lease.

Price rent E-bee powerbank

1.49 € / hour

6 € / 24 hours

Don’t let your energy drop, E-bee keeps you on top, non-stop!

Get a charging station installed for free at your establishment

E-bee station
We will provide a complete range of technical maintenance and customer support. Our stations will be relevant everywhere — from small cafes to large retail chains. Contact us


  • For the first registration, the first 30 minutes are free of charge. Thereafter, the rental fee is 1.49€ per hour. To calculate the full rental price, select an E-bee charging station in the app.

    1. Download the E-bee app from the AppStore or Google Play and register (you only need an email address (or phone number) and a credit card).
    2. Find a convenient rental point on the map.
    3. Go there and find a station with the inscription «E-bee».
    4. Scan the QR code on the station using the app.
    5. Pay for the rental in the app.
    6. Take the powerbank and go wherever you want.
    7. You can return the powerbank at a convenient point on the map. Open the app and we will show you the available places to end the rental.
  • You can find available powerbanks in the E-bee app

  • If the powerbank is returned damaged or in a non-working condition, a fee equal to the cost of repair or the value of the powerbank will be charged, in case of loss the amount will be 30 €.

    Until the powerbank is returned to the point, you will not be refunded the deposit in the app.

  • If you are unable to return a rental powerbank for any reason, you should contact E-bee customer service as soon as possible.

  • You don’t need any documents to rent a powerbank.

    A deposit will be reserved on your card before you rent the powerbank.

  • Contact customer service by phone or e-mail

  • Contact customer service by phone or e-mail

Scan the QR code for a 30-minute free trial for new users.